iTunes, strings and words (3 juli 2011)

Good news: our debut album is finally available on iTunes:

Last Friday we had another rehearsal session in Tilburg, our last before the summer holiday. Ward brought along his friend Merel, who plays violin very well. We jammed a bit and we all agreed it sounded sweet. So we’re working on a new song together. If you love the warm, acoustic violin parts of old Celestial Season (especially the ‘Solar Lovers‘ album) as much as we do, you definitely have something to look forward to!

I was penning lyrics for our new song yesterday. Still the most demanding part of the writing process. It literally takes me hours to produce 4 lines that I can live with. And I may still decide to rewrite those. (Un)fortunately, there is plenty of fresh inspiration, it’s just a matter of finding the right words and setting them to music. It’s all rather personal stuff, but I want everyone to hear something they can relate to.

Hope your summer is good (or winter, for you Southern Hemisphereans),



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