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Review, stats and a broken bone (26 november 2010)

26. November 2010

The album got a fantastic review at It’s in Dutch, and for those of you who don’t speak it, a short summary: 95/100  To show you the immediate impact of the review, here’s an impression:

There’s a review in English, but it discusses only the album’s first song. The name of the blog was so unlikely that it made me laugh at first but it soon became clear the author takes the music he writes about very seriously. And well written it is. So here’s a link to No Clean Singing!

In less fortunate news: Merlijn broke his collar bone shortly after the show in Rotterdam. He expects to be healed and able to play guitar again in January. We do have some shows in the pipeline for the next year but nothing definite yet, so check back for details. We’ll install a gig list on the site as soon as we have more info to share. Or follow us on Twitter and be the first to know.



Après-doom (10 november 2010)

11. November 2010

We had a good time at Dutch Doom Days IX last weekend. The gig went really well, we had some difficulties with the vocals and there wasn’t any reverb on them but these are minor details. We played a 40-minute set consisting of four songs:

1.       Verlangen

2.       De Zwaarte

3.       Meer Dan Je Ziet

4.       De Zin (die ik verloor)

This was our first gig in a year’s time and the first to have both Ward and Josha providing backing vocals. We could have used a few more rehearsal sessions for that but it’s hard enough already to find time to practise as we all live in different cities. Still, we got much positive feedback from those who were at the concert, so we figure we did a good job. It felt good to be on stage again. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to the next show.

The cd sold quite well. We have a ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ policy at shows which allows people to do exactly that. It means no more having to choose between bus fare and cd. You’ll have enough for both. Or the cd plus another beer. But the fact is, people were paying on average the amount we hoped they would pay for our cd, which is not so much a relief as it is reaffirmation of something we already knew: doom fans care about their bands. And we care right back The response we’ve been getting about the album has been very very positive so far and is reflected in the growing number of listeners on as well as the number of downloads on bandcamp.

I haven’t seen any photos of our gig online yet but our friend Wouter did upload a video of ‘De Zwaarte’ to Youtube, so you can watch that if you weren’t there. We’ll have another video online shortly.

Bye for now and thanks for listening/watching!


Duett & Doom Days (1 november 2010)

1. November 2010

There’s a blog post from April that tells all about the album’s 5th song, Duett. Scroll down to find it or click here.

Now that Duett is uploaded, the online album is complete. You can stream or download (in any desired format) the entire work or pick out seperate songs.

Or buy the actual cd from us! The cd comes in a 3-panel, full-colour digipak with the song lyrics and the band photo included. The front cover is from a painting by our friend Yara Jumelet, who also made the painting we used for Promo ’08. Find more of her incredible works here.

To order the cd, send an email to info [at] akelei [dot] org

This past month we have been rehearsing for our first gig in a year: Dutch Doom Days IX, at the Baroeg in Rotterdam. That will be the official release for the album so we hope lots of people show up. We play at 17:20, on the Saturday. If you read this and you’re coming over, have a chat with us at the merchandise table.

I hope to return here after the weekend with pictures, video, stories and more! See you then,


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