Doom we can believe in (14 maart 2010)

There was another short entry about an additional vocal session together with Ward but somehow it never appeared on the blog and I didn’t feel like re-typing it. So here’s the final update on the recordings: it’s done. It’s been 95 hours of hard work and we’re glad to say it’s a wrap. The last visits to Independent were spent on adding vocals from Norway and re-recording mine to the duet, then mixing. After discussing the idea for the first time about 3 years ago, ‘Duett’ has really turned into something nice, I should add. Cecilie from Omit (recording their album as we speak) and Skumring surpassed our expectations of what she would do with the song. Not only did she use the melodies I proposed, she also added a few of her own, as well as harmonies and an elaboration at the ending of the song. Beautiful! I’ll explain what the Dutch & Norwegian lyrics are about in a later post.

Now that the album is mixed and mastered, the next step will be designing artwork and packaging for the cd. More on that later.



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