Guitar weekend (14 februari 2010)

So, last week we laid down all the drum tracks. This weekend we are recording guitars. Quintijn and I had a successful session on Friday and managed to record rhythm parts to 4 songs in 5 hours. Today we finished the other 2 and right on time too as Pascal walked in to record his leads and clean parts. Man, that turned out to be a hell of a job. But what did we expect with 3 guitar players in the band and 20+ different layers in every song? Leads and clean picking need more attention as small mistakes are much easier to hear. So there were parts that required quite a few takes before we were satisfied. All in all, we spent over 12 hours in the studio today, which is actually an old cellar and not a big place at all. But the work and patience will be worth it! Listening to some finished takes, we are confident that this album will be great and essential for all lovers of doom, melancholic and atmospheric metal, or music in general, hehe. Also, I must mention that Quintijn Verhoef is a fine producer to work with. He knows what sounds best and has ear for details. We are definitely at the right place for our project. There’s still lots of recording to be done. Merlijn is now going to record his doomed chords (actually, he’s running away from carnaval in Tilburg) and then we’ll work on some intros, hopefully rounding up all the guitar recordings for this album before the weekend is over.

You know, this is really hard work.

But someone’s got to do it.



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